100 days.

In 100 days I will set foot on the MV Explorer.

Not that I’m counting down. Not that there is a countdown on my whiteboard that I update every day (sometimes at midnight). Not that I’ve been waiting my whole formative life for this moment. Not that sometimes I get so excited I feel like I might throw up. Not that I’ve explained to what feels like hundreds of people that exchange for me isn’t just one country, but Japan, India, China, Ghana, South Africa, and a couple more.

Excited is not a powerful enough word.




I am hoping to journal consistently throughout my voyage, and I suppose this as good a time to start as ever. I have just submitted my final application for scholarship funds, which has been an exhausting process. Nothing is more taxing than trying to sell yourself, your leadership abilities, and the few accomplishments that might mean enough for someone to throw a couple thousand dollars at you.

On October 16th I have to register for my courses. At this point, I hope to take Religions of the World, Global Shakespeare, Acting, and Astronomy.

Meanwhile, I have a travel clinic appointment booked on the same day, and visa applications to fill out, as well as a complicated high-risk online training to complete.

Right now, it just feels like paperwork. I don’t like paperwork. But I know, 100 days from now, with my backpack and passport in hand, when I walk up that gangway, it will all be worth it.


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